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I am presently a dabbling photographer and glass artist and reside in Oakland, California.  I am fully aware that the secret to success in life is surrounding yourself with a family of incredibly talented and differently-experienced people who are much better than you are at pretty much everything, learning as much as you possibly can from them, and hoping the rest will simply be absorbed through the passage of time, not-so-coincidental co-location in space, and, it almost goes without saying, some form of mystic osmosis.  I also know that it's always better to be having fun, eating good food, and having some wine, while you're allowing that process to occur. 

And dogs.  It's always better with dogs.

This collection of sketches and scribbles and babbles and dabbles is dedicated to my mother, who firmly believed that everything was, and always needed to be, at heart, an exercise in imagination, creativity, and kindness.  And to Otis, who was much loved.

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Glassblowing at The Crucible, Oakland

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Brian at work, courtesy of David Ward

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